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Permanently Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, NBA, NAAC with 'A' Grade Accredited
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About Department


We strive to empower the students with knowledge of all basic engineering and applied science subjects and to provide avenues for development of their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual quotients.


  • To provide a stimulating learning environment and state of the art infrastructure with the aim of providing a sound foundation to their engineering studies.
  • To develop creative thinking and inculcate a habit of lifelong learning in students.
  • To encourage the faculty to acquire latest technical knowledge and pedagogical techniques.
  • To strive for a holistic personality development of students.

HOD's Desk

Department of Applied Science and General Engineering. (ASGE) is comprised of applied science faculties, i.e., Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and basic engineering faculties namely, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The first year syllabus of all engineering branches being common our department is entrusted with the responsibility of centrally coordinating the studies and activities of all the first year engineering (FE) students.

Faculty Details

All faculty members of our department hold post-graduate degrees in their respective fields and four faculty members hold PhD degrees. In addition, two faculty members are pursuing their doctoral studies. Our faculty members are actively involved in Research and development activities and the department has obtained research grants from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) and Board for College and University Development (BCUD). Faculty members have published a large number of research papers in National and International journals. Staff members attend seminars and workshops to keep abreast of latest developments in the field. They also attend syllabus implementation and syllabus revision workshops and actively participate in University activities.

Teaching Learning

Our department has well designed and fully equipped laboratories for Civil engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Electrical engineering, Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry. Our classrooms are equipped with PCs and projection facilities and classes are made interactive with the use of power point presentations, videos and demos, Students access learning material, PPT’s and videos on “Moodle”- E-learning software. Mock online examinations are also conducted on “Moodle”. An orientation and induction program is organized in every session for each batch of fresh students.

Beyond syllabus

Students work on study based “mini-projects”, give seminars and submit the project reports on latest developments and interdisciplinary topics. Soft skill classes by professionals are conducted for students who are found to be weak in English. Guest lectures are regularly arranged by experts from academics and Industry. Our alumni also like to come back to their Alma mater and interact with their juniors.

Inspite of being “freshers “our students actively participate and do well in inter- and intra- collegiate technical, cultural and sports events.


Results of our first year students are one of the best amongst all private engineering colleges in Pune with pass percentage being in the range of 98-99%. In addition, a large number of students score first class and distinction. In 2019-20 the percentage of students scoring distinction was 50.49 % and 24.09 % students scored first class.

Faculty & Staff

# Name of Staff Qualification Designation Course Taught
1 Dr. (Mrs )Swati Kulkarni PhD (Civil) Associate Professor 1. Environmental Studies I & II
2. Engineering Mechanics
2 Ms Mridula Chandola M Phil (Physics) Assistant Professor Engineering Physics
3 Dr A. K. Singh PhD (Mathematics) Assistant Professor Engineering Mathematics
4 Ms Anita Ahire MTech (Civil), Pursuing PhD Assistant Professor 1. Environmental Studies I & II
2. Engineering Mechanics
5 Dr Ganesh Mundhe PhD (Mathematics) Assistant Professor Engineering Mathematics
6 Dr (Mrs) Seema Tiwari PhD (Chemistry) Assistant Professor Engineering Chemistry
7 Mr V. Hivrale MSc (Maths) Assistant Professor Engineering Mathematics
8 Mr Rushikesh Patil ME (Civil) Assistant Professor Environmental Studies I & II
9 Mr Sachin Tanwade MSc (Physics) Assistant Professor Engineering Physics
10 Ms Nithya Baskar MA (English) Assistant Professor Communication Skills

Teachnical Staff

# Name of Staff Qualification Designation
1 Ms Swati Salunkhe M Sc ( Chemistry) Tech. Asst.(Chemistry)
2 Ms Varsha Kulkarni Diploma (Civil Engg.) Tech. Asst.(Civil)
3 Mr Raghu Babar B Sc (Chemistry) Lab. Asst ( Physics)
Faculty Summary
Sr No Academic Year
1 2019-20
2 2018-19
3 2017-18
4 2016-17

Students Roll


FE Result 2019-20

Rank Name of the Student SGPA


First Year Induction Program 2020-21

Program Week 1 (Day 1 to 5 : 26 Oct to 30 Oct 2020)

First Year Induction Program 2020-21

Program Week 2 (Day 6 to 10 : 2 Nov to 10 Nov 2020)


Industry Institute Interaction

Industry Personal and Alumni interact with students time to time.


Engineering Mechanics

Hardware Lab

Area of Laboratory: 112 Sq.m.

Laboratory In-charge : Ms Swati Kulkarni and Ms Anita Ahire

Technical Assistant : Ms Varsha Kulkarni

Laboratory Resources

We have instruments like dumpy level, total work station and laser level etc. to perform experiments of subject basic civil and environmental engineering. Further, to conduct practical sessions of subject engineering mechanics we have set ups like belt friction, simple and compound beam etc. Laboratory is well equipped with sitting / drawing arrangement for students. The laboratory also has computers with internet connectivity. Further the laboratory has models like building, foundations types etc. for better teaching learning. It also supports and helps the civil engineering works conducted in the college.


For conducting practicals of both semesters of all first year students

Engineering Physics

Hardware Lab

Area of Laboratory: 92 Sq.m.

Laboratory In-charge : Ms M Chandola and Mr S Tanwade

Technical Assistant : Mr Raghu Babar

Laboratory Resources

He Ne lasers, Microscopes, Hall effect set up, Michelson interferometer, ultrasonic interferometers, four probe set ups, spectrometers, refractometer and various other kits and instruments necessary for FE practicals and beyond


For conducting practicals of both semesters of first year students.

Engineering Chemistry

Hardware Lab

Area of Laboratory: 92 Sq.m.

Laboratory In-charge : Dr S Tiwari

Technical Assistant : Ms Swati Salunkhe

Laboratory Resources

Colorimeter, pH meter, Single pan balance, Muffle furnace, Vacuum oven, Viscometer and various equipment necessary for FE practicals and beyond.


For conducting practical’s of both semesters of first year students

FE Computer Centre

Hardware Lab

Area of Laboratory: 114.6 Sq.m.

Laboratory In-charge : Dr Ganesh Mundhe

Technical Assistant : Ms Snehal Doke

Laboratory Resources

: 50 nos of Core I5 3rd generation HP Desktop.( Intel Q7 chipset),18.5 LED white screen monitors. The lab has 75 mbps internet connectivity and UPS power supply


: For conducting FPL practicals , EGR II practicals and FE on line exams of Sem-I and Sem- II.